Human Resources Sector

The human development sector, board affairs and performance development aim at achieving the company's vision and mission by reaching the following goals:

  • We aim at providing a distinguished service for customers, suppliers and employees of the company while simplifying the necessary procedures to speed up the completion of work, and work to solve and remove obstacles received from various authorities.
  • As the human sector is one of the most important elements in raising the efficiency of the service provided to customers, specialized training courses have been started for all company specialties to work to raise the efficiency of managers and workers through training in specialized centers or the drug sector training center or through support and cooperation with the supplying companies, and seeking the help of experts whether From inside or outside the company to work to change the organizational culture of the company's human resources, and to provide the highest quality of customer service.
  • Working on activating the role of following-up activities for its importance in implementing the instructions and decisions organizing work, and establishing the concept of quality of service provided to the company's clients.
  • Working to raise the efficiency of the organizational structure through the geographical expansion of sales agencies, which leads to the spread of branches, pharmacies and centers of the company throughout the Republic to provide the best and fastest service to the company's customers
  • Setting a plan to replace and renew the leadership, supervisory and technical positions of the pensioners and others.
  • Working on setting new standards for selecting the required leaders and workers with efficiency based on the job and leadership competencies of all the company’s positions, whether through promotion or recruitment.

import sector

The import sector deals with major international companies specialized in the pharmaceutical industry around the world. Import is based on creating a balance between providing safe and effective medicine from the country of origin and the importing rules regulated by the Egyptian Ministry of Health to ensure that the medicine reaches the patient.

Also, the importing sector imports modern painkillers for the treatment of blood and immunology diseases for the benefit of agencies, bodies and individuals with import approvals issued by the Ministry of Health.

To know more about the drugs required and for import requests, contact:

Head of the Import Sector, Mr. Maher Abu Al-Maati 01010632268

Director of Technical Affairs: - Dr. Ashraf Suleiman Youssef 01092876267

Import fax: -24327059

Marketing sector

The marketing sector is playing its part towards serving the company's customers and local suppliers.

  • The company works through the marketing sector to reconnect customers to geographical distribution to improve delivery service and customer satisfaction.
  • The company and through the marketing sector is creating a unified code for each client, which facilitates the financial and sales dealings with our clients.
  • New clients are linked with branches or are transferred from branch to branch through the marketing sector after the branch has approved and the required documents have been fulfilled - click here.
  • The marketing sector establishes and follows up on corporate bonus offers to provide better customer service and improve sales - click here.
  • To list any new company or new products of a company already listed after completing the required paperwork - click here.
  • Follow-up sales targets through our centers, which serve customers with the highest quality

 Call centers and staff

  • The Egyptian company believes in the necessity of keeping up with the latest developments and modern market mechanisms to preserve its leading position in the drug market. We established a call center in 2004 where it provided free telephone lines to customers through whom direct contacts with customers were made to identify their needs and provide them in a timely and appropriate manner through a team of well-trained professionals specialized in this service and in computer technology and software.
  • The center operates a system of shifts from nine in the morning until one after midnight throughout the week. The center has two numbers to ease communication, one of which is free "08007777771" and the other is short "16682".
  • Since its first year, the center has succeeded in changing the customer's vision of the company and has increased the customer base.
  • This center has evolved over the past years until the peak of development has been reached:
  • Several sub-call centers (8 branches in addition to the main Shubra center) in addition to developing the work system in the centers until it reached the professional summit to communicate with the growing number of clients and highlighting the company's renewed policies in response to customer opinions, including the new return policy and the smooth financial systems and the increase in the types of drugs that the company deals with which reflected positively on the sales, under the umbrella of the Chairman and the rule of the Managing Director for Branches and Pharmacies due to its long-term prospective vision to increase the growth of the company and work to restore the lead in the Egyptian medicine market.

The added value of establishing call centers

  • Achieving excellence in providing service through speed and accuracy in responding to customer inquiries
  • Ease of contacting the company anytime, anywhere and by any means.
  • Increasing and improving customer satisfaction and loyalty as a final result of providing advanced service to implement the integrated system.
  • Achieving the optimum use of available resources as a general result of applying the system through: reducing operating costs - increasing profits - increasing sales volume.

Addresses and phones of the branches of the telephone service centers of the Egyptian company:

serial center address phone
1 Shoubra  1353, Corniche El Nil St., Khalafawy (02) 24323895
2 2 July 26 1 July 26 St. (02) 27879047
3  Mohandessin 12 Abu El Mahasen El Shazly Street (02)33086160
4 Zagazig  El-Mohafaza St., next to the Awqaf Building  (055) 2327363
5  Mansoura
Ibn Battuta St., next to Passports  (050) 2321200 - 2321208
6 Alexandria 160 Port Said St. - El Ibrahimia (03) 5980300
7 Minya Ezbet Shaheen - Taksim Thabet Zaki - Wabour Al-Halij Street - Minya
(086) 2150403
8 sohag  El-Nasr Street (Street 15) above Cuba Clothes
(093) 2380700
Beni Suef 14, Al Mestkawat Alley, from Al-Riyadi Street - Directorate Square (082) 380 420



Engineering and Transport Affairs Sector

The company owns a large fleet of 601 goods transport cars including, about 170 refrigerated cars. The mission of these cars is to transport and deliver medicines of all kinds to all parts of the Republic, to reach the customer as quickly as possible in a good condition and appropriate temperature according to the nature of each variety and according to the principles of good distribution G.D.P. More cars are added as needed.

  • We seek continuous development of our regional warehouses, branches, and pharmacies, the introduction of refrigerated rooms and display refrigerators to secure the safety of the medicine, as well as the use of air curtains.
  • We continue to follow up on warehouses and cold rooms where there are temperature and humidity devices planted in their places and checking them to monitor daily temperatures.
  • We work on developing tracking and control mechanisms for cars using GPS so that an integrated monitoring system is provided to ensure continuous monitoring of the workflow in an automatic manner and ensure eradication of corruption.
  • Improving the business performance cycle by identifying, reducing and dealing with gaps in a systematic way, according to its importance and priority.

hospitals supply

The hospitals and tenders sector is concerned with meeting all the needs of the Ministry of Health hospitals, health insurance clinics and health affairs directorates in the governorates, in addition to specialized medical centers, educational hospitals and the treatment institution as well as the armed forces, police authority, private and investment hospitals. The sector’s activity is about 4 billion pounds annually. Sector activity serves a number of centers and branches from Cairo, Alexandria, Mansoura and Assiut


Phone Mobile City
22049204 01223261842 Cairo
22056287 01093808869 Special
033617366 033619568 Alexandria
0502308806 0502308804 AL Mansoura
0882333595 0882373703 Assiut
22019480 01006755627 Investments


Commercial central storage sector

The main warehouse in Shubra:

Incoming store:

The store has been modernized to the highest level of technical quality, has become air-conditioned, and is working in proper ways.

Drug store developed (imported):

  • The store has been updated to the highest level of technical quality and has a central air conditioning system. Storage is carried out in proper ways and in accordance with technical and standard specifications according to the specialized agencies. It also has display refrigerators in which medicines are preserved.

Dairy store:

  • The dairy store has been updated and developed to the latest quality - centrally adapted - and has shelves to put organized milk cartons.
  • The goods are loaded onto bonds - and they are removed by an electric fork (Clark).
  • There are temperature and humidity measuring devices, and the temperature and humidity are recorded in the morning and evening by the storekeeper.

Vital and sera stores:

  • Cold rooms have been established to keep insulin and medicines at the highest level of quality, and they have temperature and humidity measures that work automatically and are recorded by the store keeper in the morning and evening.

 The cars:

  • Cool cars were purchased for medicines and insulin to be transported to the branches with the conditions required for preservation, modernization and development, according to the plans organizing this work.


fax phone address Warehouses serial




1353 Corniche El Nil, Shoubra, at the main headquarters Main warehouse 1



Al-Kabbari Highway next to the new position Kabbari warehouse 2



Ibn Battuta El Mansoura Marine warehouse 3
0882131214 0882312487 Nazlet Abdullah Road - Sohag Asyut Agricultural Assiut warehouse 4

General Department for Local Purchases

  • To purchase the optimum prices and offers suitable from reliable production sources and in accordance with the instructions of the Ministry of Health.
  • Development and permanent maintenance of strong relations with all suppliers within the framework of good and continuous relations.
  • The development of a good supply chain for all sales outlets.
  • Effective communication with all designated sectors to reach the required targets.

The legal sector


It is one of the leading sectors of the company and is divided into three general departments

  1. General Department for law cases and Implementation
  2. General Department for Investigations and Grievances
  3. Fatwa and Contracts General Administration

To contact pharmacies debts

  Contact is made with Mr. / Ayman Masloob Mahmoud (Director of Case Management)

Mobile: -010055050046

Or 22250000 internally 1500-1502-1509-1584

Health Care Administration

The Egyptian company takes good care for its staff health and signs contracts with major blood test and x-rays labs, hospitals and medical centers to provide the best service to patients among its staff as the human element is one of our priorities.

General Administration for Planning and General Administration for Information Systems

  • Contributing to set the company's general policies with the relevant authorities within the framework of the company's general policy.
  • Preparing general needs plans for imported medicines in the light of consumption indicators within the various authorities in cooperation with the concerned authorities.
  • Preparing plans for the general needs of local and manufactured medicines with the aim to provide them.
  • Contribute to laying the foundations of the planning budget for the company's activities.
  • Follow up the implementation of the plans and programs.
  • Follow-up and supervision of all data on the different medicines and their uses.
  • Replying to all citizens 'complaints by phone or by fax and the ones that were sent through mail from all governorates outside Cairo to meet the medical needs of patients that they find difficult to obtain through the Citizens' Service Office officially announced to the Ministry of Health.
  • Phone number: 22052115
  • Fax: 22023124
  • No .: 22250000 inside 1516

General Administration of Security

General Administration of Security

It mainly works on the protection of workers, preserving the work environment, providing protection from risks, providing first aid means to reduce injuries and work accidents before they occur, and working to avoid them by providing all safety and security requirements for workers.

The fire department educates and trains workers in the use of various firefighting methods (Automatic - Manual) when necessary to keep the facility components against fire hazards.

The security has the duty of guarding around the clock to follow up the workers, stores and cars that transport goods to and from different parties. The company also installs surveillance cameras on all the company's affiliates to maintain the security situation, as well as to protect workers and workplaces.

The Security Department performs its social role and solves all problems amicably resulting from the nature of work and the speed of avoiding them to maintain a suitable work environment.

Quality Management

The quality policy of the Egyptian Company for Medicines Trade has occurred as follows: -

  • Achieve customer satisfaction
  • Meeting the market needs of medications required for patient recovery
  • The company understands its responsibility throughout and distributes all vital medicines, baby formula and family planning medicines in a timely and appropriate time with a speedy response to the urgent needs of hospitals.
  • Adherence to the rules of good storage, good distribution, and continuous improvement of the quality, safety and occupational health management system for the continuous development of performance and skills for all employees of the company.
  • The company obtained the Certificate of ISO 9001 quality requirements for 2015 which encourages training programs for company employees
  • dr ingy abo bakr yousef
  • 01009756340


Pharmacies sector

Pharmacies sector
The pharmacies sector is based on the operation and management of many pharmacies at the level of all parts of the Republic, external pharmacies in distinct locations and pharmacies within major institutions and agencies, with a total of (60) sixty pharmacies.
 The pharmacies sector is based on the provision of all imported and local medicines and preparations manufactured from original sources and by proper handling and transportation methods that ensure the arrival of medicine to patients to combat the spread of fake, counterfeit and smuggled medicines in the Egyptian medicine market.
 The pharmacies sector is obligated to provide first schedule drugs and second schedule drugs in accordance with the instructions and recommendations of the Ministry of Health, especially Alshkawy and night service pharmacies. The pharmacies sector is committed to providing critical and deficient medicines, which contribute to relieving patients' pain and burdens.


Branches sector

 Branches  sector
The branches sector meets the needs of private pharmacies with all their needs of imported, local and manufactured medicines and supplies while applying the rules of good storage and transportation.
And our branches are spread across the country to serve our customers and have a distinguished sales range.


Financial and economic affairs sector

Financial and economic affairs sector
It carries out all financial and banking operations to deal with companies supplying medicines, whether they are an Egyptian company or foreign companies, by dealing with governmental banks or foreign banks.
In addition to the financial and credit services that are provided to customers, whether pharmacies or hospitals, to facilitate dealing with them and ensure the availability of the required needs, taking into account competitors' credit systems for the clients.
Taxes and how the pharmacist obtained his withdrawals from the company to present them to taxes, by submitting the customer to a request for a certificate of withdrawals for a previous calendar year, and the certificate is extracted by the financial sector.
For inquiries, call the following numbers: - 01143043022 - 22250000. Internal 1365.