Egyptian Pharmaceutical Trading Company

About Us

The Egyptian Company for Drug Trade was established in 1965 and since then it has become the first company in Egypt  responsible for trade and distribution of medicinal products, working under the policy of guaranteeing efficiency and fairness in providing medicine to all citizens throughout the Republic. The Egyptian company is considered one of the largest importers and distributors of the drug in Egypt. In addition, it is the national company entrusted for importing the country's needs of imported medicines with latest technology that do not have local alternatives. It is also responsible for importing medicines for oncology and biotechnology that is sufficient for the needs of citizens, hospitals, health, therapeutic and medicinal bodies. Furthermore, It is the company that is allowed to trade imported medicines that are not registered or not priced and distributed through the pharmacies of the Egyptian company which they are (60) pharmacies. It is the only company authorized to buy and sell psychological and narcotic drugs. The company also has( 55) sales branches to serve and meet the needs of private pharmacies in all governorates of the Republic. In addition, the company owns (5) centers for supplying hospitals in the main governorates such as Cairo - Asyut - Mansoura - Alexandria. The company is considered a safety valve for the Egyptian citizen, as it provides children and therapeutic milk of all kinds and insulin with a strategic stock that guarantees its availability and prevents monopoly. It also plays an essential role in distributing local and manufactured drugs to companies in the business, private, and investment sectors, as well as medicines imported through the private sector, which guarantees a strong selling assortment to its clients from hospitals, organizations, medical institutions, health insurance and private pharmacies. It also supplies all family planning centers in the Republic with all kinds of contraceptive methods. All the pharmacological needs of the citizens are met day and night through emergency pharmacies owned by the company. In addition to the main Call Center in Shubra, There are Call Center units scattered in all governorates that operate in two shifts to fulfill requests of private pharmacies and receive complaints. The company owns a huge transport fleet, including cars equipped with refrigerated transport, to ensure the safety of the medicine, which has a special preservation nature (Cold Chain).

According to Prime Minister Decree No. 2599 of 2020, the shares of the Al-Gomhoria Company for Trade in Medicines, Chemicals and Medical Supplies and the Egyptian Company for Medicines Trade were transferred from the Holding Company for Medicines, Chemicals and Medical Supplies. To the Egyptian Authority for Standardized Procurement, Medical Supply and Supply, and Medical Technology Department, and the provisions of the law apply to both joint stock companies, limited liability companies and individual companies referred to

Company Board Members

Dr. Abu Al-Fotouh Mohammed Al-Amin Al-Tawil,  Chairman and Managing Director

Mr. Hossam Ahmed Lotfy Ibrahim Haiba,               Member of the Board of Directors   An investment banker with experience in the field of direct investment with 32 years of experience - Chairman of the General Authority for Investment.

Dr. Ibrahim Waseem Ibrahim Shalaby                   Member of the Board of Directors     general manager, regional director, and chairman of the board of directors of several pharmaceutical companies 1991-2019 (Schering-Hoffmann-LaRoche-Abbott-Ranbexy-Amicat).

Mr. Heba Jamal El Din Imam Shafei,                     Member of the Board of Directors    Founder and CEO of HR Health One More than 25 years of experience in multinational companies .

A/ Khaled Khairy Mahmoud Al-Laithi                     Member of the Board of Directors     Head of financial sector in a group of companies Orascom Investment Holding - Orascom Telecom - EFG Hermes Group.



We seek to improve the participation rate in the Egyptian market and return to leadership.


Provide safe and effective medicine for the Egyptian patient and adhere to the principles of transparency and rules of professional conduct.


A commercial company aiming to profit with a commitment to the social dimension to protect the Egyptian patient.



  • We have ISO 9001 certified for quality assurance.
  • Striving for the completion of the geographic distribution project for customers, which leads to service improvements and customer satisfaction.
  • Increase customer coverage while improving distribution service and following GDP rules.
  • Improve the sales formation by following the supply chain and central purchasing system.
  • Opening new branches and pharmacies to increase coverage while improving service quality.
  • Seeking more contracts with new suppliers.
  • Developing warehouses and adopting modern and good GSP storage methods to keep medicine safe and effective.
  • Using the ERP system to link the company's sectors, control stock and maximize profitability.
  •  Paying attention to training staff and raising the efficiency of managers and workers, as the human element is one of the most important assets of the company.

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