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About Unified Procurement Authority

  An Egyptian national economic authority to secure equitable access to health services by evaluating medical technology, procurement, and supply. tracking Egyptian Prime Minister Eng / Mustafa Madbouli headed by Chairman of the Commission / HE Major General Doctor / Administration Bahaa El Din Zeidan .



As a centralized procurement and supply interface, UPA aims to ensure equitable access to medicinal and health technology products through conducting evidence-based technology assessments, strategic value-driven procurement methods, and establishing a robust and sustainable supply chain.


Improving and developing the health system and helping to reach universal health coverage through the optimal use of state resources .


*Ensure equitable access to medical and health technology products through scientifically based technology assessment, strategic efficient procurement and supply chain operations management ...

* Providing all the government agencies' needs in terms of medical supplies and devices with the best quality and lowest price, which has been achieved in the last four years .


Within the framework of Egypt's 2030 vision to improve and develop the health system and assist in reaching comprehensive health coverage through the optimal use of state resources, Law 151 was issued in 2019 to establish the Egyptian Authority for Unified Procurement and Supply and Medical Supply and Medical Technology Management, which began its work in March 2020 with the issuance of the executive regulations by a decision Prime Minister 777 of 2020 to carry out its work through 3 basic stages:

1- The first stage is the evaluation of medical technology products such as drugs, supplies, devices, chemicals and laboratory reagents to choose the best price and most effective.

2- The second stage is the purchase of the necessary quantities to cover all the needs of government agencies.

3- The third stage, which is supply and supply, in which the medicinal products reach their beneficiaries at the appropriate time and place.

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